A Society Fractured (P8)

Half - Light Path Expedition

Samantha’s Log

Day 1
I met with Master Ferrum, along with my fellow crew for this expedition: Nicola Barbo, the fumbly rogue, along with Cole Delaney, Dendro Taphos the Gnome, the Half-Orc Xago, and a curious little bunny-man by the name of Lelan Lagos. They sent along a butler goblin, for some reason, but he seems benign enough. Farrum seem’s to trust his skills, as the rabbit was put in charge of this expedition. I only hope he can control this lot.

Barbo quickly got into an argument with the others. It seems he is uncomfortable with non-humans.

We set off to meet a man by the Name of Master Jenky. Our contract, he explained, was to head up river to the Half-Light Path, to Karmaga, and from there, aid the priest’s efforts in investigating the disappearance of corpses. I begin to suspect someone tampering with the Cycle.

Our journey was sound, outside the antics of the crew. We met Abra Lopaty, the ships captain. Xago managed to impress the halfing crewmembers by catching a massive fish home to these parts. He also managed to catch some rather large dragonflies, and the crew made a soup from the roe, and was vomiting it all over the deck soon after trying it. Within a few hours we reached our destination. Karmaga is quite the sight from the river below, upon it’s cliffs. Our rogue managed to fall off the gangplank into the harbor, I pray for our success with such ‘help’.

We took a cart and made our way up the Halflight Path. Broken and in disrepare, it was quite the jarring ride up to the city itself. We were harassed by some stirges, but the winged pests were quickly returned to the earth.

We reached the city and split up, as our contact wasn’t due until midnight. I took the time to meditate. I heard later from Barbo that Cole got so smashed off ale he forgot his own name and wound up in the whorehouse. I pray the spirits protect these fools on this mission, they seem unprepared for any real danger.

We met our contact, a priestess of Pharasma, who informed us of the catacombs we would explore and gave us an artifact to allow us to open the magically sealed doors. We were warned of undead who had begun to lurk below, and half the party needed convincing to continue. What kind of adventurers is Ferrum hiring anyway?

As we explored, the catacombs were a testiment to the lies of Pharasma. Her stench was everywhere, preserved corpses and dust. At first we mostly ran afoul of some cave fauna. A cloaker tried to get the jump on me, but was quickly dispatched. A swarm of spiders fell to our firebombs.

Finally we came upon a evil little grey Dwarf, crazed and smelly. We dispached his zombie minion, and subdued him. However, he resisted our interrogation, and we had to end him. We also came upon a creature unlike any I’ve seen, part snake part woman. Yrix was her name, and we bartered for her information and passaged.

We’ve camped for the night in a secure room. I keep having to yell at Nikola for pacing back and forth nervously. If I wasn’t so distracted doing my job I could have sworn he had just cowered in a corner. Tomorrow we’ll continue our investigation. We believe there is someone down here making servents out of the corpses down here. I shall delight in returning their ramains to the earth, as is the natural order.



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