The Will of the Ten is undone.

1 Year after the assassination of the Decemvirate, the Pathfinder Society struggles to survive. With no clear explanation of this seemingly perfect crime, venture captains across the inner sea distrust one another. This distrust has led to lodges no longer sharing their chronicles with the Grand Lodge in Absalom. Worse still, pathfinders from competing factions are openly violent with one another.

During this time, hundreds of independent, privately funded adventuring guilds have sprung up all over the inner sea region. This is the story of one unique guild. Ferrum’s Reach is a seafaring adventuring guild that exists as an offshoot of the Ferrum family’s merchant fleet.

A Society Fractured will be using modified P6 house rules. The soft level cap is now level 8. The role of GM, or “Guild Master”, will pass from player to player at the conclusion of each adventure. Before the start of a new adventure, the GM will give players subtle in game hints as to what they might expect. Players will choose from their cast of characters (4 per player) to represent the guild sending the most qualified party on the quest. Active characters receive full experience, where as inactive characters receive half experience. This is meant to give the campaign an episodic feel; where the “camera” follows the more dangerous adventure and assumes unseen characters embark on their own, more mundane task.

A Society Fractured (P8)

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