A Society Fractured (P8)

Jace's Log, entry 1: Andoran, a silver mine, and copious amount of kobolds.

Jace’s Log
Day 1:
Today I had the pleasure of meeting the team I’d been assigned to. We were to meet in the common area of the ships cafeteria. When I arrived, I saw to my dismay that my teammates had already assembled and begun their introductions…if you can call what ensued that. Our team is made up of two parts muscle, one part summoner, a fluffy rabbit and me. The half-elf summoner is named Cole, and so far his defining traits are good taste in tea and his large arcane beast that seems to resemble a large cat. Next up is the rabbit named Lelan, which sings remarkably well, and amazingly plays the lute even better. Alas, it is also half the size of our summoner’s eidolon, which was chasing it all throughout the introductions. And the rabbit only speaks sylvan. Which is apparently a huge issue because our two resident bruisers don’t speak a word of sylvan. Xago the half-orc brute and the human named Voltaire. Between the two, Xago seems to be the more vocal, and less socially graceful. Much hilarity ensued, which while being delightful, it does not instill me with confidence in my comrades. To make matters worse, our illustrious guild master Samuel Ferrum had the brilliant idea to make the rabbit the teams leader. (So the only member of our party who can’t communicate with all the other members is in charge. I’m beginning to regret leaving Cheliax. At least there everyone worked together, until they stabbed you in the back. But at least they were better organized about it.)
The Mission: Head to Seton and deal with a kobold problem. See guard captain Wayne Rorke.
Following our fluffy leader we proceeded to head into town. This town’s name is Winter Haven, and is the central town for the Silverdust Valley. We found the guard captain Wayne Rorke at the Fearsome Hag Inn. (Bloody Andorran guard captain drinking on the job. Really it’s amazing that Andorran can pose such a challenge for Cheliax to retake when this is the caliber of their protectors.) Guard captain Wayne provided us with further details but left the overall object just as vague as Ferrum did. Apparently a horde of kobolds has infested the region and are attacking only the unguarded caravans. Making off with the goods, and seizing captives too. The fact that the kobolds are only attacking the unguarded caravans renders the captains guards useless in dealing with the situation. To further exacerbate the situation, the recent opening of the gold mine to the north west has usurped most of the captains guards. So he is left understaffed, and has to seek outside help. We are to take a caravan to the town of Seton, and then onwards to the Silver Mine. On the way he wants us to remove the kobold problem.
The Plan: Take the caravan to Seton, while appearing to be unarmed and unguarded. Essentially we’re just bait. Oh this is going to be fun. (Note journal can’t tell when I’m being sarcastic. I will have to remember that. Thank you Kyr for catching that, the things ravens can teach you.)
Following the plan we set out from Winter Haven and headed towards Seton. It will takes us several days to get there. (At least Lelan can provide some entertainment. I wonder if he knows any uplifting Cheliaxian songs.) Also none of our team knows how to steer a pair of work beasts. So we’re relying on the beasts training and experience. (This just keeps getting better. Chance of failure increasing. Chance of dying just as likely.)
End of day 1: We made good time. We’re going to set up camp, and discuss who takes which watch. (Finally some semblance of cohesion as a team.) I have the first watch so I should get a good night’s rest.
Day 2: Well that whole good night’s rest thing didn’t go as planned. Xago and Voltaire had the second watch, during which two wolves decided that we looked like their next meal. (Stupid wolves, I was already exhausted, now I’m also sleep deprived. This adventuring thing is harder than anticipated.) To my surprise, Xago and Voltaire were able to alert us in time and we repelled the wolves. One slain, one fled. (The team showed remarkable combat prowess. Maybe we will survive this assignment yet.)
End of day 2: The rest of the day was uneventful. Just lots of walking, or riding. Thank the gods for Lelan and his musical proficiency.
I got first watch again tonight. Let’s hope things go better and I can get a decent nights rest.
Day 3: The night was mostly uneventful. A good night’s rest was had by all.
End of day 3: We made good time again, and are setting up camp. Hopefully we’ll get a good night’s rest again.
Day 4: Cole’s creature Rigby caught a rabbit and dropped it the rabbit folk while he slumbered. The commotion woke Voltaire up, who proceeded to throw his boot at the cat and the rabbits. He however missed horribly. (I just hope he does better when awake if we ever need him to throw something.) Upon waking Voltaire retrieved his boot, only to have a scorpion sting his foot. (Note: Always check boots for scorpions or other vermin.) Apparently the cat like creature thought it would be a good idea to give the rabbit to our rabbit folk. Something about our rabbit folk being lonely and needing a girlfriend. (Although our rabbit and the wild rabbit are clearly two different species, and apparently the wild rabbit is a male. I think the cat was just messing with our rabbit folk.) Anyways, camp has been broken down and we’re heading off.
End of day 4: Well that could have gone better, but it could also have gone much worse. We were ambushed by kobolds. Which was the plan. (A poor plan, but still the plan.) They came at us from the tall grass clumps lining the road. The grass is too short to conceal a medium sized creature, but perfect for these small kobolds to dart in and out of when they need to disappear. (Maybe we should just burn the grassland. No grass means they can’t hide.) The ambush started with the kobolds hitting Xago with a tangle foot bag. He eventually broke free, but was slowed for the fight. (Clever kobolds targeting one of our heavy hitters.) They then proceeded to hit Voltaire with a tangle foot bag, and stuck him to the side of the wagon. Despite both of our heavy hitters being rendered immobile, we were still too much for the kobolds who turned to flee. Lelan brilliantly greased one of the lead kobolds, inhibiting its ability to flee long enough for Cole’s creature, Rigby, to pin it.
The Interrogation: Seems like I’m the only member of this team who speaks draconic. So it fell upon me to do the honors.
Interrogation: Crackle
We learned:
1. They are stealing for material gains.
2. They take the captives to a woman named Ricah.
3. Ricah is probably their leader.
4. Their lair is underground, and under something wet. Probably the swamp up to the north.
After the interrogation we bound the kobold and threw it into the back of the wagon and continued on towards Seton.
End of Day 4: The day was mostly uneventful. We’ve gotten the whole set up camp and watch rotation thing down pretty well. Here’s hoping to get a good night’s rest.
Day 5: Well we were ambushed again last night. (Stupid kobolds and their lack of respect for a good night’s sleep.) We awoke to find some kind of dire frog like creature in the wagon being ridden by a kobold. They proceeded to grab Cole and stick him to the gross frog thing, and then gingerly hoped away. (So glad it was not me. That slime doesn’t look like it would wash out, and I just got these new clothes.) The fight was long, and involved a lot of running in circles chasing the dire frog thing from tree to tree. We eventually killed the frog creature, knocked out the kobold rider, and rescued Cole. The kobold sorcerer got away, as did a few of the kobold minions. Still we did well, no one was seriously hurt and we have a lieutenant to interrogate for information now.
Interrogation take two: Frog Tongue
We learned:
1. Not much new, just confirmed most of what we already knew.
2. Possible magic influencing the kobolds. Frog Tongue seemed to be ensorcelled and unable to answer a few questions.
I struck a bargain with Frog Tongue. He’ll help us out, give us information, and will leave these lands. He also won’t harm me, my team, or any of the people of this valley. (Be wary, there has to be some loophole or exception to this. Kobolds are crafty and tricky.)
We’re going to continue on to Seton now.
End of day 5: We reached Seton without any further problems. We delivered the goods, and sought out the guard captain. He has asked us to head to the Silver Mine. Seems like they haven’t heard from them in quite some time. (With kobolds running amuck in the area, that does not bode well.)
We stayed the night at the Murdered Ale Inn. It was quite fun. I bought the kobold prisoners pints. They were almost as big as the prisoners. Lelan was quite charming and managed to catch the attention of almost everyone at the inn, many lovely girls offered to buy him a drink. (Pretty sure he drank for free tonight, and that he was absconded with by one of said lovely girls.) Xago challenged the buffest old lady I’ve ever seen to an arm wrestling contest. (Seemed like a questionable idea. That’s no lady, I would swear that she’s pure muscle.) There was much betting on who would win, our Xago the half-orc or the local miner Margo. When all bets were in the match began, and was over just as quickly. Margo proved that she truly was a beast. After which Xago bought her some drinks and we chatted her up about the area and the mine. (Note if we meet some dwarf named Jumbo, remember to tell him Margo says hi.)
Day 6: We’re off to the Silver Mine.
End of day 6: Day was uneventful. We should be at the mine tomorrow. Let’s hope nothing has happened, and that they’ve just been busy…and not dead by kobolds.
Day 7: We’ll reach the mine in a few hours. At least we got a good night’s rest. Not quite as good as being in a bed. I miss the inn already.
We’ve made it to the Silver Mine. Things will likely be hectic if something nefarious has happened. I’ll try to jot down some quick notes, as we deal with whatever we find.
We found:
Inn smashed and looted. The floor had been booby trapped and Voltaire fell into the cellar.
Houses smashed and looted. We found some lock boxes. Hopefully full of some coin. We also found a small dog that had been tortured and left for dead. (Animal cruelty. These kobolds are not only dangerous, but also cruel.)
Barracks and blacksmith were similarly looted. Looks like a hastily crafted barricade was made in the barracks. This is likely where the miners made their last stand.
We’ve also found a weird black handprint in several places. Not sure what it means. But one thing is certain, it doesn’t mean anything good for us.
We spotted a kobold darting back into the mine. Now we’re off to be heroic or to our impending doom. If we survive I’ll continue to log my adventures. If we don’t all I can hope is the next adventurer finds this journal and can use it to better survive this kobold menace.

We cautiously entered the Silver Mine only to have the kobolds collapse a tunnel and fill it with a fine dust that burned my lungs and stung my eyes. Fearing that this noxious cloud was concealing a greater danger we pulled back and waited for the dust to settle. We waited and waited. To fill the time, I had the ingenious idea of setting a trap for the kobolds. I figured that they would eventually grow curious about why we had not simply charged into their trap. And that they would come out to investigate. So we set our own trap for them. Unfortunately none of us were trained in trap making, so the best we could do was a clever ruse. About 50 feet from the entrance to the tunnel we built what I hoped looked like a poorly concealed pitfall trap. Really it was just some random branches lain on the ground and covered in copious amounts of hay. All it needed to do was to make the kobolds curious, and come out to investigate. It took a while to make, but when we finished, the dust had still not settled. So we set up camp, took turns watching to see if any kobolds came out to investigate, and waited. Night came, we set up the watch rotation and rested.
Day 8: It appears as if our clever ruse both worked and failed. The kobolds were curious about our makeshift trap and some did come out to investigate. Unfortunately we didn’t notice and they made it back into the mine without us being able to ambush them. Oh well, lessons learned and we’ll have to do better next time.
An ways we finally enter the mine, only to have Voltaire fall through a pitfall trap…one that Leland walked right over. And to make matters worse there was a swarm of rats down there too. This resulted in a very brief scuffle, mostly notably defined by Rigby jumping down twenty feet and crushing a poor unsuspecting rat beneath him, or is it an it? I’ll have to inquire that of Cole later.
The bright side of the whole falling through holes fiasco was that Voltaire got a good look at the bottom of the floor that we were all on, and was able to warn us of where all the pitfall traps were. We also found a staircase linking the two floors.
Once reunited, we chose to explore the southern tunnel. We found a bunk room which was hastily abandoned. The silly kobolds missed a pair of magic boots. Cole and Leland investigated them for a bit before pronouncing them boots of the cat. Pretty much they were boots of stop falling down holes. We gave them to Voltaire since he seems to have a penchant for doing that.
The other thing we found was a tunnel that had been collapsed. Not sure how many kobolds got trapped under the rubble, but we found one protruding from the rubble on this end. On this kobold we serendipitously found a wand of cure light wounds, and a potion of cure moderate.
But seeing how that was now a dead end, we went back to the main chamber and opened the metal doors. This led us down into a dank and dark room with puddles of foul smelling liquids. Kyr made several comments about how I should have prepared my prestidigitation spell. Next time I will, lesson learned.
While exploring down here we came across a shinny statue that had been mostly covered in whatever foul stuff gets dumped down here. We also had the ill luck to encounter a gelatinous monster in the shape of a cube. The combat was quick and intense. It swallowed Voltaire, wow he’s really having a bad day, and then released him in an explosive torrent of gelatin when we had finally vanquished the cube.
There was another set of metal doors and we could hear kobolds on the other side. Leland discovered that the door was enchanted with an alarm spell, and puzzled out that only a kobold could open it without setting off the alarm. So we fetched one of the kobold corpse we had laying around and using mage hand wielded it like a puppet to tray and open the door. Unfortunately the door was too heavy, and so we kicked it in instead. But somehow we managed to not get seen by the kobolds on the other side. It might have had something to do with the kobold corpse suspended in the doorway. I quickly in my best kobolodish draconic started shouting for them to surrender or they’d end up like the corpse. Then the party charged in. Several of the kobolds fled or froze. A few advanced to meet our charge. We stuck one of the casters with a tanglefoot bag. We pummeled the rest. The big boss ran through a secret door, and the last one surrendered. Xago, Cole, Leland, and Rigby chased down the secret passage after big boss while Voltaire and I interrogated the last kobold. We learned that the prisoners were right on the other side of the not so secret door and proceeded to go after them. That is after Voltaire most graciously rendered our kobold captive unconscious. Upon entering the cells we found that the miner a dwarf named Jumbo had grabbed and choked to death the kobold that fled this direction. We found the keys on the wall and released the captives. I stayed with them to lead them out, while Voltaire chased after the rest of the party. I didn’t get far before Voltaire shouted back that the secret passage linked back to the main part of the mine. The party also didn’t get too far either since the big boss lead them into another ambush. But this one was clearly designed to only slow us down so that he could escape.
All in all when the party finally met back up with me, they were dragging several dying kobolds that I proceeded to stabilize and we all led the captives from the mine.
Next we’re back off to the town of Seton. The miners have elected to come with us, and we’ve scrounged up pretty much all the supplies and valuables that there are here.
Day 10: We reached Seton, dropped off the miners, got paid and spent the night at the Murdered Ale Inn. Margo was happy to see Jumbo again, but declined our offer to join us on our adventures. A shame really, she seemed like a wise and experienced character, and if that failed she could just smash anything we came across. Oh well, I just hope I can follow in her footsteps and retire someday, as opposed to dying in some misbegotten dungeon.
Day 11: We set out from Seton back to the major city of Winter Have. I just hope the journey back is uneventful. I’ve had enough “eventful” for the time being.
Day16: We made it back to Winter Haven. We didn’t see any more kobold ambushes along the way. We met up with guard captain Wayne Rourke and told him of our experience. We also showed him the map we found of the kobold tunnels, which he proceeded to keep. Turns out the map had some magic property to it, but none of our spell casters could figure it out.
We press ganged the kobold captives into service on Ferum’s Reach.
We also finally managed to open the last lock box and found:
1. Several empty vials
2. 1 full vial-deep black liquid, sour smell with a sweet aftertaste.
a. Magical aura of transmutation
b. But also several spells affecting it
3. And a checklist of names with what we believe to be currency values next to them, like they were being sold for profit. I didn’t think Andoran allowed that kind of thing. Maybe it’s just a kobold thing here.
Ferum ended up seizing the vial and checklist. Said he’d hold onto them and investigate them for later.
And so ended my first mission as part of Ferum’s Reach.

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