Lelan Lagos

Raucous Rabbit


Lelan is very ordinary looking. He has mousy brown fur with dark and tan flecks and a white underbelly, long jackrabbit ears, bright black eyes which dart about alert for danger, and whiskers which never seem to be still as his nose wiggles and sniffs at the air. His teeth are yellow and sharp, he’s lanky and thin, and he has great long feet which allow him to bound with uncanny speed. All in all, he is a very ordinary looking rabbit.

…If rabbits stood on two feet and wore clothes.

In reality, Lelan belongs to a race called Lagomorphic Humanoids, or Rabbitkin in common. Their race was so insular and hidden that until very recently no one even knew they existed. They live underground, and their main method for survival being at the bottom of the food chain and being frightful, wary creatures is to have as many children as possible so at least a few survive into adulthood. When they do make friends with other races, it is generally with passive helpful fey, such as dryads, and occationally elves if they live in an elven forest. Generally though, if humans or other races start expanding into their land, they prefer to move. This has resulted in the majority of their population living deep in the forests.

Lelan himself stood out as an oddball early on. He spent much more time in the daylight, conversing with the various fey creatures, learning how to dance, sing and play music to delight them so they would return to keep him company. His Warrenmates were sure one day Lelan would never return, dissappeared into the belly of a bear.

They were almost right. One day, Lelan was out, writing poetry on his favorite stump, smoking dried herbs when he was startled by a fox. Instead of being eaten, he was rescued by the fox’s owner, an adventurer. He had never seen a band of adventurers before, and their appearance and ability to speak sylvan aroused in him great curiosity. They spoke of things he had never seen and hardly dared to dream of. They spoke of grand cities with gleaming spires, of dark cold lakes, of brigands and bandits, of ancient ruins restored to life, and many more things that made his own life and warren home seem dismally small and confining. Without so much as another thought of returning to the dark confines of the warren, he packed up all his wordly possessions and joined them.

Lelan Lagos

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