Elemdra Elloiir

Quixotic Champion


By elven standards, Elemdra is rather eccentric and best avoided. She is brash, and brazen bordering on rude, and have you seen her ears? They’re ridiculous. To humans however, she is rather darling. Charming, refreshingly forthright, and sincere. She has however, little patience for those who disagree with her, and unrepentant evil creatures or people, or those who would subjugate others or oppress them will find themselves on the pathway to an early grave.

Ever since Elemdra was a young elven maid, she lived by the golden rule, “Do onto others as you would have done onto you.” She found frustratingly often that others did not share her positive outlook on life, and would often taunt, bully, or harass others. As a rather goofy looking, gangly youth with oversized ears, she was occasionally the target of such harassment, but she found a knack for physical force and a few well deserved beat downs ensured she was largely left alone by undesirables. As she grew, the crimes perpetrated on others grew more serious, including theft, rape, torture, murder, and slavery. At first, she tried to reason with people, but quickly learned that many were either unwilling or unable to change their ways for the better. She then found herself in a very hypocritical position of forcing other people to submit to her for the sake of protecting others, even if this included imprisonment, where the felon could be held safely until they saw reason.


Elemdra Elloiir

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