Dendro Taphos

Nihilistic Necromancer


The circumstances surrounding Dendro’s early life were highly unusual for Gnome standards. His parents were married to one another, and had been for some time. They lived in a small human village, where his father worked as a repairman and tinker, his mother a gardener, specializing in breeding new variants of crops. The village was small and unassuming, with neither persons of renown or great skill, or extravagant displays of wealth or magic.

How boring.

Dendro’s early childhood was dull. He took little pleasure in the mundanes of village life, the only thing giving him pleasure was roaming outside of the town borders, to harass and play jokes on the local violent wildlife. He has a few fond memories of dropping a wasp nest down a badger hole, and running for his life from wild boars.

He usually was able to talk his way out of trouble, using a gifted tongue, and charm to get others to forgive his youthful indiscretions.

Still, this was not enough to prevent him from suffering early effects of the bleaching. Particularly when one of his close calls landed him in the clinic, his parents put their foot down, and forbade him from venturing outside the safety of the village. Without the one source in life to keep him excited, the color began to fade from young Dendro’s soul.

Within months, his deep navy blue hair was streaked with grey, and his parents flew into a panic.

Acknowledging that it was the safe continuity of the village that was causing his condition, his parents cobbled together enough money to send him to the biggest Academy they could find— Edme, deep in the heart of Galt

Academy life for teenaged Dendro was certainly much more interesting, but also more difficult. He took to magic studies like a pro, wishing to cram his little head with all the knowledge possible. However, he was an unknown, young and alone gnome, living in the epicenter of enlightenment amidst growing anti-intellectual sentiment and increasing violence. The townspeople who lived surrounding the Academy blamed it for bringing the upstart Hosetter into the world and frequently took out their frustrations and bigotries against the students currently enrolled, particularly the non humans. Protests and violence were levied against the grounds on a frequent basis, and even Dendro’s normally quick tongue did little to quench the flames of the mobs that gathered to harry the students and faculty.

Illusions fared similarly dismal against the frenzied groups, whipped up into a hysterical froth by their peers. Once one person saw through the trick, the others soon followed, rendering such games very useless, especially to a young wizard disciple, like Dendro.

Cursed with a small frame and paltry physical training, Dendro could do little to fight back physically against his tormentors, and began dreaming of having bigger, scarier friends who would look out for him and beat those who antagonized him. Plus, someone who could carry his enormous textbooks would be fine, too. He began to keep an eye out for magics that would steal the strength from his enemies, rendering them even weaker than himself. He followed the whispers of the more forbidden magics and so became enamored with the world of necromancy. He quickly abandoned the usual Gnome go-to of illusions and trickery in favor of something much more powerful.

Still, he graduated with honors as a novice wizard, and not two days after the ceremony, an arsonist burnt the academy to the ground. Dendro decided enough was enough, and for his own safety departed Galt for somewhere else to continue his studies and practice his arts. He quickly found a new interest in Varisia, the ancient relics and history of Thassalon. Ties thus cut from Galt, he has little desire to return.

He still bears the marks of his close call with the bleaching, even though his hair has started to recolor, his long locks are still scarred with streaks of light blue.

Dendro Taphos

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