A Society Fractured (P8)

Welcome to the Campaign!

Character Creation Guidelines

Players will need to do the following for all 4 of their characters:

  • Character Name (self explanatory)
  • Slug (automatically generated)
  • Check the Player Character box
  • Quick Description- write a short phrase (2-5 words) that describes your character
  • Tags (race and class)
  • DO NOT use the dynamic character sheet, we will provide a simple stat block in the description section.
  • Description- Write a few sentences that physically describes your character as well as detailing what they do when not adventuring. Create a simple stat block underneath; GM can supply players with template.
  • Bio- Write a 1 or 2 paragraph biography for the character. This bio should include a reason for your character to become an adventurer. If you are struggling to create a bio, Ultimate Campaign has a nifty randomized system you can either roll or pick from.
  • Portrait- Find an image that closely resembles how your character looks. MithrilMercenary as agreed to render character portraits for us, the image and a verbal description will be used to create these character portraits.
  • Characters are created using 15pt buy, each character has 2 character traits, and max HP for 1st level.



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